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Great Audio... Anywhere


  • Reduce unwanted ambient sound.
  • Record great, clean sound... anywhere.
  • Record what you want, not what you don't want.
  • Get the perfect recording, the first time.
  • Great for reducing room noise, computer fans, etc.


The Pocket Sound Booth™ reduces ambient sound received by a microphone; placing special high acoustic loss materials and structures between unwanted sound sources and your microphone. Basically, it alters and tightens the polar pattern of a microphone while making minimal changes to the near field on axis response.

The Pocket Sound Booth™ fits over your side-address studio microphone or axial (hand held) microphone and doesn't require any expensive hardware to do its job. Other products such as reflection filters cost around ten times as much as the Pocket Sound Booth™ and they block less than half of the ambient sound that the Pocket Sound Booth™ does.

The Pocket Sound Booth™ uses a quarter wave trap to reduce wavelengths that are 4 times the largest dimension of the Pocket Sound Booth™. The quarter wave trap allows open acoustic passage for the microphone being used in the Pocket Sound Booth™ to have minimal coloration.

Pop Filter and Wind Screen

The Pocket Sound Booth™ includes two variations of front filters if you need them. One filter is an extremely acoustically transparent and very effective turbulence filter (pop filter) and the other is a more conventional windscreen.

The system supports microphones of all polar patterns, some square type microphones are supported and other types can be fitted to with a few minor adjustments. The model PSB448 is 4" x 4" X 8". Voiceovers with a ribbon microphone and a Pocket Sound Booth™… big, smooth, silky and quiet!

An XLR extender might be needed for some shorter axial microphones. An XLR extender and Proximity Touch Up Filter™ (TUF) is also available for shorter microphones. This special microphone filter is passive and compensates for close microphone use (-3dB) without rolling off all of the lower bass. Most low cut filters “cut off” all the low bass (-12dB at 75Hz.).

The Pocket Sound Booth™ is made in America.

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